iPhone + Gmail = You Need GPush

GPush is an awesome new iPhone app by Tiverias Apps that notifies you when you receive an email to your Gmail account.  Its first few days were a bit sketchy but it seems to be working great now.  I have Gmail open in Firefox all day and GPush pretty much always notifies me of a new email before I see the little (1) on the Gmail tab.

Entrepreneurs and product managers everywhere should take note of this product.  First off, the problem they tackled meets the three important criteria:

  1. Pervasive: everyone with an iPhone and a Gmail account has to wait for the iPhone to poll Gmail for new emails, every 15 mins, 30 mins, or 1 hour depending on settings (while their friends with BlackBerries get emails instantly)
  2. Urgent: that market has had the problem since the iPhone was originally released
  3. Willing to pay: FWIW I’m part of this market and was more than happy to pay $0.99 for a solution to this problem

Their solution is just about perfect.  It’s incredibly simple: you install the app, give it your Gmail username & password, and that’s it.  And as long as they keep the service working properly it works great: you’re notified instantly when you get a new email to your Gmail address.

I know there have been a lot of unhappy GPush users so far, but it’s only been out for about a week.  I’m willing to cut them some slack at this point, and I’ve seen an incredible improvement over the last few days.  If GPush turns out to be a big fail long-term I’ll be happy to criticize it, but at this point I think Tiverias has done an awesome job!


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